C# MVC .com allows people to sign up and store their code snippets for personal reference. This can be very useful for software developers. Once entered, the snippets are organized in hierarchy form by Category, Title, and Description, and both the Description and the snippet contents are searchable through Keyword.

I posted my snippets here and made them available to general public. Please keep in mind that some of these snippets are very old, dated back to early 2010 :). That was when I started to learn C# MVC and it took me a good full year before getting real comfortable with the architecture, coming from a webform background. Since then I have been gradually adding new snippets. So these snippets do not necessarily represent what I am currently practicing. I stored them here purely for reference purposes.

This site also provides ability to enter transactions and upload receipts to keep track of small business expenditure, which is needed to complete Schedule C in US Federal / State Tax filing. This video gives a quick overview on how to enter transactions and upload the receipts. There is no video for entering the code snippet yet, but coming soon.

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